The message is, live LOVE and work from within to make a difference when we are objectively powerless to solve the conflict supported by the waves of media that would have you believe that the world is falling apart.

John Lennon and all ascended masters spoke of it.

Do these things happen, these injustices of race, inequality, and oppression? Yes, but we have a choice whether or not we add our individual contribution to the waves of negativity building and crashing (think energy). We have the power to turn these waves into monsters that wreak havoc once they hit the shores.


Energy never dies. It just changes form.

What we put out there remains, always. Every ounce of negativity remains, just like our digital footprint… forever. We can try to balance it out in the long-term, but waves crash eminently.

It is a mistake to think that police are anything more than cogs as you and I are in a system that carves out roles for each of us. They are not mechs in a dystopian regime (yet).

They don’t get paid enough to be anything more than emissaries, and while I agree that increasingly they are being dumbed down as they come through the ranks, this is no different from what is happening in our systems for public schooling, and we are allowing it.

That said, I also have a friend who is married to a cop who really is just a moral man supporting a family and finding purpose in his job, someone who truly finds the intention in protecting and serving his family and friends without ego and illusions of power.

As a sidebar, we can debate the arbitrariness of our laws and the corruption of our penal system, but then we had better be ready to take on our dependency on commodities and our laziness in handing over our children to be raised by “experts” other than their own parents, along with our faith in a political system that is inherently broken. Our own double standard is just the tip of the iceberg.

The answer to all of this can be found by looking within. We must each decide to embrace authenticity. We must reject the authoritarian paradigm, which for many of us requires accepting the pain of our own individual lives. Again, that is a sidebar.

I am not discounting the pain and suffering happening before our eyes. I am saying that we are all one and the same, and the anguish we feel is for ourselves, as we are the child losing a father and we are the artist painting images of survival, rebellion, and justice.

There is a war being waged, certainly. But, our role does not have to be hate.

Our role does not have to be black and white, straight or gay, religious or atheist, flag, country, or beLIEf.

Our role does not have to be choosing one of the sides that has been presented to us and then fighting each other. Instead, we can choose our own response, and that is to be the best that we can individually be, as we are drops in a sea. It is much bigger than Orlando or Dallas.

Our role can be freedom for all by practicing, modeling, and exercising compassionate respect for others. If we need to speak out or fight for justice, that is our role. But, we must be careful of our targets, our anger, our methods, and our motives. We must relinquish ego and attachment.

We must think like a warrior, but one that desires to transform conflict into connection wherever possible. We are acting within a greater goodness. So consider that the next time you blame or stereotype your fellow human being without exception or advocate for a POTUS candidate as if they will heroically provide solutions to our problems.

Rebellion has its place, and I do not discourage it. But, I also know from experience that rebellion is a result. We can march, we can protest, we can wring our hands and write blog posts (like this one), but we can choose our mission by calculating our options and rebelling as a process over reacting by impulse.

We can examine our responses and temper reactions, turning them into statements that crash the wave on our terms… for justice, but for peace. At times, direct action is unavoidable. But, for most of us, letting go is more beneficial than repeated wrenching.

We are not powerless. We can turn within and acknowledge the parts of ourselves that we deny.

We can step outside of our comfort zones (and encrypt perspective into our response to our TV and feeds) and become better.

We can raise our children better, conduct our finances better, reduce our dependency on materialism, and lose the labels that divide us.

We don’t have to show up at the water cooler of life and bemoan “what this world is coming to.”

Victims of police brutality and murder do not have a choice, and certainly they do not deserve to die. That we get focused in angrily or fearfully on this or that single or consecutive event does nothing to solve the incessant murder by individuals, professionals, flags, and regimes across the globe. Speaking out is imperative. But fighting each other is not the answer. Narrowing our focus onto the hashtag of the week is exclusive and inflammatory. 

We have a choice.

I took the liberty to borrow the following quote from a Facebook thread within a friend’s post that had a public setting (brackets are mine):

We are being deliberately lead into totalitarianism through a process that’s so slow that most cannot see it. What’s going on is a war waged by the system against the people. This is about antagonizing the people into a rebellion. This goes far beyond a race thing, despite that the black community is a larger target – we all are targets. [bold font added by me]

They continue to focus on the black community to maintain the distraction of race war so that we continue to fight among ourselves while they roll out their agenda against us all. Now, more than ever we need to unite as one people
 [I would use the term humans]  and support each other to prevent a violent uprising. They’ve lit the match and our reaction is the slow burning fuse to the explosion that they’re waiting for.

If we all can just understand that this is not a war amongst ourselves, but by the establishment, then we can identify who the real enemy is and turn our focus in the correct direction

Unfortunately, most cannot see that because the system has created so much despair for the common citizen to contend with on a daily basis that they are too exhausted, broke and hungry from having to just survive the day to be able to look up and see who’s boot is really on their neck.

We cannot create change for everyone, so we must start with ourselves and allow that to radiate outward to those ready to share the same. In the meantime, prepare for yourself and for those in your immediate life for the coming unknown the best that you can. ~Mary Wilson Bremer

We can choose the waves we ride. We can choose how our individual drops impact the greater good. No one is perfect, but we can strive towards authenticity.

We don’t have to apologize for our outrage, our anger, our grief, our fear. But, we DO have to take responsibility for how we convey it and why we do so. This takes inner work. Going within is hard, which is why we must learn compassion for those who have not yet found their way along the journey.

Instead of embracing despair, we must change our perspective about these events. We can create and hold the space for others’ pain without spiraling downward in anger, hate, and judgment.

We must remain as strong threads of support, as we are all one fabric. If you ever find yourself in circumstances where you personally need to fight, by all means, channel your inner Bob Marley. However, if you find yourself mired in anger, indignant at the injustices that continue to shock you, recognize that your inner process is the only thing you can control.


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