Language is a powerful, elemental force. Use responsibly.


When we talk about climate change, can we please acknowledge that the planet warming or cooling is in part caused by space weather?

If we do this, because it is true by a huge factor (due to magnetic resonance, just for starters), we make the discussion more rational and maybe more inclusive instead of divisive.

Climate change is certainly a threat wrought by man on many levels, and getting critical as we lose some of our most basic and fundamental resources – water, trees, and bees – to pollution, deforestation, and GMOs. #WaterIsLife

But, ecosystems and biomes also evolve regardless of mankind’s influences, as they did for billions of years before we arrived on the scene.

Global warming is, IMO, a term that we have used irresponsibly. Fuck is not. Fuck is a great term that has enabled us to become more real with one another as we drift from the chains of ancestral authoritarianism and embrace the comfort of self compassion, seeing ourselves as fallible beings in the mirror. Climate change is a fact, and in endless ways can be assigned to man. But, it is not a synonymous term to global warming.

Talk about the planet warming or cooling. Talk about how chemtrails and glyphosate destroy the atmosphere and natural resources and genetic traits, but recognize that some aspects of a warming planet are beyond our control, no matter our technological development.

I am far off any ideological grid, but I think global warming is a term we need to stop using against each other.

The real issue is whether or not we as humans can go within and cleanse the toxic elements found there from ancient rivers of ancestral existence.

This is at the core of our frailty as humankind, and why we must raise children who do not have to heal from their childhoods as adults – and in worse cases, become malignant Narcissists.

But, even they are reflections of who we are at some level. We are all connected. Unless we can find self compassion and let go of our ideological claims, we will never see each other in clarity.

So, while we are overthrowing the empire – which is the good fight – let’s not get so caught up in the attachments of our egos that we fail to connect with the real struggles threatening our viability.

Dismantle authoritarian paradigms and clean up the conversation that divides us when we want the same things, ultimately. Use ‘Fuck’ more to emphasize your humility. When it comes down to it, if we compare our hearts, few enemies remain to tackle and disarm.

Let’s do away with creating subjective and salacious terms that lead us to behave in irresponsible ways towards each other like when we sling accusations about global warming. Let’s clean up our language and find terms that say exactly what we mean:

“Fuck, I am Afraid.
I Fear You.
Fear is a Liar.
I See you.
I AM You.
I AM.”

Spiral Out. Connections Are Everything. Do Laundry.  Fuck is a term that connects, unless we are too bound to our egos and conditioned fear to see that it is as powerful as a single emoji. And just as fun.

Global warming happens. But, how much is our fault? Climate change happens. But, how much is our fault? When we tackle any threat together, we are fighting objectively. When we lament who is responsible and attack each other in the process, we are not looking within to find the source of what is holding us prisoner to our fears.

What do we really intend to say? Fear guides us in such an insidious manner because the authoritarian paradigm is a thread woven throughout our ancestry, since the beginning of patriarchy.

Some of us are awakening to the power and light we hold within, taking full responsibility for ourselves. We aren’t perfect and never will be – that imperfection is the source of our beauty – but we are trying very hard to examine our own stuck energies and becoming tighter weaves of connection in the fabric of universal understanding.

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