Are We An Algorithm Of Egos Struggling To See Ourselves?


During my 90% break from Facebook, I realized that much of what we post is forgotten by those who read it within seconds.

That’s not hard-fleshed data, but I did break away from social media for two months for the most part. I deleted my Facebook connection to this blog, deleted my LinkedIn account, deleted Twitter, and spent time processing within.

I still feel Facebook is a useful platform for sharing certain information, giving shout outs to exciting news, and for connecting in compassion and love. And it is great for sharing outrageously funny and pertinent memes. Memes are as satisfying as the serotonin in chocolate and can help you parse out your grievances without taking dead shots.

And obviously, according to this article from WIRED, it appears that Facebook is THE platform to make even major media irrelevant. Major media cannot compete any longer.

But, I’m desiring to be more mindful of the architecture I help to construct.

To survive, to heal, to cultivate, I am trying to live with intention in everything that I do.

I’m trying to stand outside of the paradigm to examine it so as not to become one who doesn’t see the forest for the trees.

Some posts trigger me, trigger great sadness and grief – such as stories of mistreated children, or mothers watching their unarmed children die before their eyes at the hands of law enforcement. I am so grateful at those moments to have the detachment that social media platforms offer – buffers from the reality of some random, unfortunate souls whom I will in probability never know or meet…or be, hopefully.

Other Facebook posts remind me that I already spent years of my life researching the havoc we have wrought against Earth, yet I continue to drive through Hardee’s to feed my child for $5.25 because I’m tired, or rushed, and he won’t eat another healthy meal at home because his man-size stomach craves a big kill, and I can’t pay upwards of $30 for a couple of bison burgers at the local joint, again, and when I was grocery shopping at the beginning of the month, I had to choose quantity over quality, and preachy people (takes one to know one) are bugging at their eyeballs to sell me on the latest strategy to feed my child solely organic, non-animal, pesticide-free fare at every single meal of his life since he left my breasts.

(Yes, that was intentional sentence structure.)

It all reminds me how great writers, like Trumbo and Huxley managed to impact my lifelong worldview by presenting the forest-perspective with all the magnitude of algorithms from a million Facebook posts diluted down to a few tomes.

So, now, decades later, my prolific paradigm-busting heroes are simple gurus – people who share pathways of light, of taking responsibility for self even in the face of injustice and harm wrought by others.

They fight injustice from within, exploding healing hues of themselves in the face of inequality, oppression, or other dark energies. Like the warriors who embrace the true spirit of Standing Rock. Like the humans without mothers who manage to show compassion to their own offspring. Like the mothers  and fathers of dead children who don’t give up on life because they perceive a greater purpose to the everything as well as the one thing that they represent in the universe.

We are all One. 

Some of these paradigm-shifters are writers with multi million copy sales, like Tolle. But, most are connections who expose the light they have found within themselves despite every destruction they’ve encountered upon or within their souls. They are each entire oceans in a drop. And when they speak, I tend to listen for more than a few seconds.

When they share their energy, I find a thread to follow in the greater fabric of flow. It is a thread that stays with me as I ebb and flow in my mundane being.

We cannot pretend any longer that any of this works as we often intend. That coming to a virtual field to spew our worth, our achievements and our kids’ milestones, our latest selfies, our efforts to shape what others believe us to be, or to project our fears is somehow a trajectory of purposeful promise.

And at the same time, allowing each of us to process ourselves through the methods and paradigms of our choosing is the ultimate respect. This is where whole life unschooling is a practice that bleeds into every corner of life’s fabric. It keeps us honest and humble, no matter who we are.

Freedom to be who we need to be in any given moment IS the ultimate achievement. Look at how nature provides everything that is needed to adapt and evolve, where organic processes and mathematical narrative become one and the same. Nothing is static.

If we perceive that the trees are closing in on us, won’t we fight to be seen and heard, to express with all of our might before it is too late? If we see the forest, will we feel the same as when we worried about the next moment? If we fail to look, then we simply churn into the mishmash, to be forgotten, not making a difference until our descendants awaken and forgive our ancestral injuries.

Such a complicated, at times convoluted web we literally weave with our combined energies. Has the world ever had a greater love-hate relationship than with Facebook?

Even as it sucks and twists our sinews and organs into a black hole of conscious-numbing matrix, here we flourish and become a magnetic whole once again, spiraling out in our resolve just to Be. Whether we choose to allow it or not, no matter what we do, we are one organism.

But, we are each only responsible for ourselves.

And this is why we must return within before we project ourselves outwardly.

I imagine Be-ing is letting go, flowing unencumbered, trusting the dynamic capacity of our interconnections to transport us, fearless in our existence, to whatever realm the unknown-but-revealing nature of quantum reality would bestow upon us. Yet, in being, I have a choice. In being, I have freedom.

In being, I achieve quiet transformation and nobody even witnesses the magic trick.

How much I allow the targeting of Facebook algorithms and egos to play a part in my being, or how much I fret over taking my kid to Hardee’s is all up to me. All of it. It is a choice.

Fear is a Liar. Connections Are Everything. Do Laundry. Give compassion. Trust the Process. Let the rest fall away.

If we bring our childhoods to the table, and allow their truths to be told, we not only free ourselves, but we free our connections and our progeny – and we release ancestral trauma and replace tired stories with magnificent truths. And the moment we all choose to simply BE is the moment we all transmute the landscape as a single organism with absolute intention.

Selfies and status updates are fleeting moments, records of our efforts to define ourselves, to dig our heels into impossible creations that can never exist beyond the time it takes us to view them. They get lost in the sea of algorithms and we get lost within the greater paradigm of our singularity. To which do we give our energy? Which do we trust? I think our egos drive our separation, our disconnection. I think the greater flow is the greater good.

2 thoughts on “Are We An Algorithm Of Egos Struggling To See Ourselves?

  1. Thanks for sharing. I recently found your blog through searching unschooling in Wyoming. I came across an article about you and Sean, he was 7 at the time. I live in Gillette currently with a 7 year old son. Your story of him building legos and playing mind craft hit home for me. I’ve thought about unschooling but didn’t have the confidence to do so. After reading through some of your text, it has given me the confidence to try. Both my son and I are excited to take on this new chapter and leave the forces learning behind that we’ve grown to hate through the school district curriculum. Again, thank you for sharing and giving other encouragement!!

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