Convergent Paradigms


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I have been having conversations with Sean and his friend Levi about a Twitter post made by an individual, Solomon Georgio. Georgio posted, “Black people have every right to burn down a country they built for free.”

The boys immediately felt that the statement was wrong, based on the generational and ancestral distance of the author from the original oppression. They felt that the ancestors’ enslavement contributed to the building of the country, not the person making the statement. This led to their tangent discussions about other countries having integrated their histories of slavery over millennia. I told them that I didn’t think this statement was a literal call to go out and burn buildings. They would not be assured without examining Georgio’s Twitter profile and other posts, which we did not actually do.

Instead, I asked them to consider this statement being made from a philosophical standpoint about societal paradigms. If we are going to build society on unnatural patriarchal, authoritarian structure, then we can’t really complain about the symptomatic upheaval in response to demonstrations of injustice within the dysfunctional system.

In the past, the boot of “the man” came down hard on rioting with divisions wrapped up in ideological accusations that included stereotypical attacks on welfare, branded by the ever-sickening bootstrap mentality. Now these protests have reached the White House overnight – and at least in the overall campaign of framing – the people are coming off stronger.

This statement by Georgio is loaded in every aspect, like a pregnant spider, inadvertently waiting for someone to come along and smash it, with the little spiders running all over in every direction at once. I am really interested to see if anyone can objectively walk this statement back, and preferably someone who does not inherently exhibit participation in the divisive narrative that philosophically wrought the incident. Can any of us be this someone?

Notice how the service-to-self entities are behaving in the moments of global crisis. Notice who is tugging on the ropes here, then there. Observe.

The cabal is falling, and they know it. This cabal in this sense is not an ideology, a political party, or a belief – it is an entire paradigm.

The narratives of connection are rising, yet we are not fully self-aware of this happening. We hear the songs, the chants, we laugh at hysterical memes, and we judge. We size up the situations that play out all around us.

Yet increasingly, because of pandemic-shifting, we size up our own existence and the personal impact we have within these paradigms. Many of us shifting feel stifled, and “I can’t breathe” becomes a mantra for the flash of grounded memories we must process to integrate pain and fear to evolve.

We know that normal is pejorative, because as the veil lifts, we find that it is actually normal to perceive diversity and encounter discomfort, not homogeneity. Reality is reshaping literally as we scan our own beings, both physical and metaphysical. We can see change happening exponentially, and more of us are witnessing transformation in the present tense that opens the landscape before us, even as we struggle.

Imagine convergent tectonic plates. One is sinking, the other is rising. This incident in Minneapolis has not played out according to the authoritarian threats. Don’t loot or we’ll shoot was a meme before it was even uttered.

The service-to-self paradigm will not willingly sink without great chaos. But it will sink. The paradigm of connections is realizing its strength at the same time that the plates are essentially level. This is a pivotal moment, as were all the other moments like it, but this one is different because the shift we are all experiencing has enabled us to connect and direct our energies exponentially.

But we Knew. We knew during Standing Rock that this was the beginning of a paradigm shift.

We thought people would forget, like much of history has been muted over for hundreds of years.

Sean’s friend Levi disagreed with me that Standing Rock made a difference. He felt that all it did was to make people realize that they could stand up and confront injustice. Exactly. I told him that I feel this is the very difference Standing Rock made. What we didn’t account for was that the Water Protectors were creating literal change, and thus we are not the same today as yesterday.

This narrative in Minneapolis is playing out swiftly, and the service-to-self paradigm has gained little from trying to use the same derisive and divisive tactics. Service-to-self is a layer that cannot be supported within the logic of systems built upon connectivity.

The nature of systems thinking is organic and self-correcting with gradual shifting that has the power to rewrite entire paradigms. We were always going to be here. What Georgio states is not wrong in a philosophical sense. But it will be taken out of context and used to excite more chaos. And this chaos will inform the system to continue self-correction. The tectonic plate supporting the service-to-self cabal will become stratified beneath the exponential power of connection.

What are your thoughts?

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