Tired of Political Posts? Here’s A Perspective.

I am sure the posts about being kind or about being unable to handle any more political posts are made with the best intentions. I have no doubt, and frankly, we can all use the good energy. Still, I cannot assert enough that there are populations whose most basic sovereignty depends on the election outcomes. These populations do not have the privilege to let go and flow.

Black, Indigenous, Hispanic, Muslim, LGBTQ, and other maligned populations (including immigrants and refugees and their children) – and women all have fundamental sovereign rights and essential protections at stake. We must advocate for anti-racism and the most basic sovereign rights of other human beings.

Messages I see are ones that have silenced me in my life – be nice, be kind, don’t make waves, don’t discuss these topics, be quiet, women must act a certain way, don’t offend others, don’t upset the apple cart, nice women aren’t confrontational, etc.

I hear many men voicing their opinions without such inner dialogues. This is privilege. If you are a woman echoing the plea for reduction in political posts, consider that your own privilege is still less than that of a man’s. If you have to witness the posts of people struggling for very real needs and equality, remember those without the luxury of peace of mind and maybe consider facilitating their voices.

This is how you remain on the right side of history. No professional or personal relationship should exclude this standard for interdependence in community.

TV Man, by Margaret Love Bennett (see image credit below for description).

Image credit: TV Man by Margaret Love Bennett, circa 1985. Painted when I understood I had power as an artist to inform and communicate social content. Whether clear or not, I began to speak in visual narrative that came from a part of my intuition that grasped the importance of communication through artistic expression.

In artistic composition, there is inherent struggle to balance the functions of freedom and control. Control can be the structure of interdependence in community and still be balanced by the enormous quality of freedom.

There is a supposed Field where all souls can meet without any of this baggage. The fact that some human souls are so weighted by this corporeal existence seems a contradiction inherent in certain belief systems that define who deserves acceptance. If we are to join one another in a Field of letting go, we must first embrace responsibility for the Whole.

Self love is pure and legitimate, but Self is only part of a Whole. Systems theory is scalable, expanding, and rooted in connections – relationships. We have a choice to embrace perspective from within the dashboards of our own value systems. Connections are everything. Without acknowledging and accepting collective responsibility for the still impactful cultural historical narratives of so many, we cannot fully heal as a Whole, as Society, or fully exist as Love.