Are Schools the Problem, or Are We Simply Stuck in the 19th Century?

Parents restrict their kids’ natural urges to practice the functional skills of this age. I believe they do so out of fear projection, no matter how well-intended. This limiting, prohibiting, judging, restricting, and dismissing of media and other forms of visual, audio, and meme culture (including gaming) breeds a certain and noticeable level of social and functional ignorance.

Res Me

Their minds are already way beyond the broken record admonishment of adults. Sometimes, they are on while admitting they had to sneak due to being grounded. I chuckle at their inventiveness. Sean has never been grounded. It makes absolutely no sense to me because punishment does not reinforce intrinsic values. I'd want these kids in charge during the Zombie Apocalypse.

The First 10 Years of Whole Life Evolution Without School

I provided my son with mindful, responsive parenting as an infant and toddler, but the fine lines started to appear in early childhood when he was decided in what he wanted - whether it was the food he preferred or the toys and shows that interested him. I could tell because he displayed feelings of frustration if I didn't let him choose, if I didn't truly see and listen.

The Open-ended Rabbit Holes of YouTube and Gaming Instead of Carefully Crafted Curricula

Exponentially, I am seeing the thread that extends from my own tech-less childhood to his fingertips-knowledge-consumption based on unpremeditated (e.g., not prescribed) rabbit holes that ultimately form a network of neural memory beyond any finite framework school can dish out. It is a network mirrored in star systems, tree roots, and fractals. His human computer system heralds an evolutionary leap while their grandparents lament "kids today" - oblivious to the gap.