The First 10 Years of Whole Life Evolution Without School

I provided my son with mindful, responsive parenting as an infant and toddler, but the fine lines started to appear in early childhood when he was decided in what he wanted - whether it was the food he preferred or the toys and shows that interested him. I could tell because he displayed feelings of frustration if I didn't let him choose, if I didn't truly see and listen.


CRAFT ISLAND by cubbiebearsean & Friends

Above are shots from one of Sean's three worlds in his Minecraft Realm. Realms are privately owned multiplayer spaces where Sean builds, crafts, and plays, along with friends he invites to join. They Skype sans video to talk while they play. Craft Island is the name Sean gave to a template that he chose for creating his "economy … Continue reading CRAFT ISLAND by cubbiebearsean & Friends