Growing Ourselves To Free Our Children

That I see him, concretely learning to read and write is really just a notion that I get to log into the schedule for his childhood in my own brain, because I'm the one who was conditioned to expect it. I am the one who rode the bus of indoctrination. I am the one who faces the greatest struggles and challenges in allowing my child to be free.


Embracing the Mundane to Facilitate Whole Life Evolution

As the parent of an unschooler, my priority is to facilitate the intrinsically driven passions of my child in connection and partnership. The rabbit holes he explores are often nothing like I would expect a typical child in school to experience. Perhaps that is because children are not typical, only standardization tries to coerce them to be so. Facilitating my child on his individual journey involves trusting that his expression is authentic and necessary, whatever form it takes.