Faeries and Flowers

I’m pleased to see my nurse has on pretty purple scrubs with flowers in the front. I have worn bright red. A red button front silky shirt and my favorite pair of red earrings. The earrings are like bell-shaped flowers with little black beads hanging from the center. I think of them as faerie flowers and, in fact, I purchased them from a website dedicated to faeries. They make me smile. I need them today.

Covid-19: Intentional Shifting

We are a social system, and we are individual humans leveling up. None of us wants to be compromised in any way, but if we are (for any reason), let us hope it is for the sake of a greater good.

Trauma and the Struggle to Realize Authentic Intentions

The programming is difficult to rewire. The support of community exists only in pockets when you go against the grain. I am grateful especially for the single mothers who identify with what I'm saying. Our spines are interlaced as we hold the space for each other and understand the love our children need, collectively... I dreamed this process would be perfect. While it has been profound, and my child demonstrates amazing leaps in a single generation away from the very guilt and shame embedded in my DNA, he still has fear from the trauma of divorce and all that led to it and all he faces moving forward.

Are We An Algorithm Of Egos Struggling To See Ourselves?

They fight injustice from within, exploding healing hues of themselves in the face of inequality, oppression, or other dark energies... If we fail to look, then we simply churn into the mishmash, to be forgotten, not making a difference until our descendants awaken and forgive our ancestral injuries.

CHILDREN Must Come First In Marriage

In order to ebb and flow in life with continuous purpose and positive contribution, we must be given the chance to become ourselves from within the very origins of our birth so that we do not spend three to four decades back peddling against our passions and desires, trying to heal from our childhoods.

Kids Develop Healthy Discernment When Trusted With Reality

After the most recent violence and hate in Charlottesville, VA, I expect the next thing I will read are people wringing their hands, asking how do we talk to our kids about this hate and violence? The inter webs are full of theories about false flags, government-for-hire violence as a distraction, and the more obvious … Continue reading Kids Develop Healthy Discernment When Trusted With Reality

The Human Plow ~ by Elaine Gee (guest post)

Sometimes, the poet paints. This is a guest post created for my friend, upon my request that I be given permission to share. She humbly obliged, and I am most grateful. Published with permission from the author, pictured. The Human Plow all the yesterdays, I had, with a bowed head and meekness, I believed I … Continue reading The Human Plow ~ by Elaine Gee (guest post)

Remembering Zoya

The authenticity of his perspective and desire to help me focus my own healing is unforgettable. By presenting himself, raw and shattered, in every day seeking wholeness, I saw strength and hope. I suddenly no longer feared ever losing my own child, even though at the same time, the idea of losing my own child is unbearable, still. It is a paradox wrought by survival, and it is survival practiced as compassion that has no choice but to radiate outwardly to bring any coherence to the loss of a vibrant daughter.