Connections Are Everything.

Margaret is available to provide guidance and encouragement to parents, individuals, and organizations focused on self-directed education and aspects of unschooling as whole life learning/living.

Please contact her at meaningfulhuman64@gmail.com about the following:

  • Encouragement-based coaching
  • Interviews
  • Guest posts
  • Podcasts
  • Round tables
  • Participation in SDE/unschooling research
  • Community outreach
  • Online or in-person conferences
  • Publication or feature in print, video, or film

Margaret desires to provide community and connection in understanding.

Whether seeking support for breastfeeding the older child, responding to concerns about children’s fears or milestones, or relating to teens or adult children within a compassion-based paradigm, Margaret seeks to normalize authentic patterns of meaningful human growth and development at any age within and in response to the context of cultural push back, denial, and negative conditioning that causes dis-ease in 21st century society.

Margaret offers qualified expertise: Combining comprehensive tacit and evidenced knowledge of attachment theories, child development/learning methodologies, behavioral/relationship sciences, and whole life learning and unschooling technologies, Margaret encourages partnership pathways and shares authentic, compassion-based practices for relating with children, teens, and adults. She believes in promoting SDE/unschooling practices that foster connection, discernment, self-awareness, dynamic community involvement, and natural leadership development in children, teens, and trauma-informed individuals.*

Margaret has lived the life of unschooling her son for more than 12 years. This experience is rooted in paradigms of attachment parenting, including extended breastfeeding, co-sleeping, and whole life freedoms. Experienced in conventional parochial and public schooling, Margaret is no stranger to systems of coercion and control. She is well-versed in the internal and external struggles faced in deschooling processes and transitions from authoritarian/authoritative paradigms to ones based in compassion and respect. 

*Through Exponential Ink, Margaret offers related grant services/program management to facilitate advocacy and promotion of these paradigms.

Margaret understands the trauma-informed life. She has experience with sexual trauma, domestic violence, co-dependent relationships, and indoctrination within patriarchal systems of belief, coercion, and control.