A (growing) collection of articles, blog posts, and resources.

Unschoolingmom2mom Anti-Racism Resources page is a comprehensive collection, so be sure to scroll through the entire page. #BlackLivesMatter

How Will They Learn? Unschooling Myths, Episode 1 (Education in Transformation)

Unschooling My Spirituality (Ellen Rowland, A Muddy Life)

Unschooling, Technology, and Video Games: Unschoolers Share About the Technology in Their Lives (Sue Wolfe Patterson, unschoolingmom2mom)

Coronavirus School Closures: An Educational Opportunity (Peter Gray, Psychology Today, Freedom to Learn)

The Nuclear Family Was a Mistake (David Brooks, The Atlantic).

The Misuse of Words (Alexander Khost, The Alliance for Self Directed Education) Margaret’s note: Terms to use when differentiating between public schooling and self-directed education.

How Movement-starved Modern Kids Really Are (

School Denies the Body: Exploring the role of school in mind-body separation (Katie Lane-Karnas, The Alliance for Self Directed Education)

Secrets of a Maya Supermom: What Parenting Books Don’t Tell You (Michaelleen Doucleff, NPR #howtoraiseahuman)

The Science of Attachment: The Biological Roots of Love (Lauren Lyndsey Porter, The Natural Child Project)

Benefits of Play Revealed in Research on Video Gaming: Video gaming leads to improved cognition, creativity, sociability, & more. (Psychology Today blog Free To Learn, Dr. Peter Gray)  Margaret’s note: If you are pulling your kids off games and restricting their gaming in reaction to their emotional upset, you could be doing more harm than good to their emotional self regulatory development.

The Absurdity of Modern Education Quote and Thought (docdelux on Steemit)

Homeschool Socialization: The Irony of this Question is Lost on Most (Our Muddy Boots)

How Unschooling Your Child May Help Make A Better World And Save The Planet (Living the Education Revolution)

What Really Causes Narcissism? (Melanie Tonia Evans, Quanta Healing)