Partnership Paradigm Lifestyle Coaching

We are constantly reminded of our humanness in the partnership paradigm. It is like a truth field runs permanently through our lifestyle. I love this life and the growth that occurs all the time. Flow grows around me! ~Maggie, @ meaningful human

Most traditional or professional “experts” do not fully embrace, understand, or support anything outside of the paradigms in which they were schooled – at least not something generally perceived as radical, such as breastfeeding to term, colseeping for as long as a child desires, or following a path of non coercion with children.

I can help you in your journey to embrace the partnership paradigm in your family – with your kids, and with your loved ones, partner, or spouse. Sometimes, all we need is someone in our tribe who understands and who can encourage us to make the choices that are right for us, right for our families, and which align to whom we truly are as individuals. Sometimes we just need authentic guidance.

While you may want to connect with me again after a first consult, I can actually help you develop the insight to guide yourself in your own journey.

Message me at to talk about the details for setting up a Skype call, email consult, or phone coaching session.

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