About Me

Margaret, b.1964, is an authenticity-seeking human imprinting at the base of the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming. Known as Maggie by friends and family, she embraces that connections are everything, and that the journey towards a more peaceful and compassionately-articulate society begins from within. She pursues whole life evolution without school in partnership with her son, b. 2007.

She says of their lifestyle… I am constantly reminded of our humanness in whole life evolution. It is like a truth field runs permanently through our lifestyle. I love this life and the growth that occurs all the time. Flow grows around us!

Margaret blogs at Process, featuring posts published by Life Learning Magazine, and Mother Support News for the World Association of Breastfeeding Action. She has appeared as a panelist on the For the Love of Learning Show on the Conscious Consumer Network, most recently discussing consciousness in communication and education. She also offers a variety of writing and editing services via freelance via her business, Exponential Ink.

An artist and a writer, she creates when she can and evolves often. While motherhood is the most important job on the planet, in recent and past lives, she blogged as meaningful human by MagPie, and maggieorganizingchaos. She also enjoyed entrepreneurial ventures including store ownership and consulting. In really long ago past lives, she worked in higher education and state government and exhibited her art work professionally.


Copyright © Process, aka meaningful human by MagPie, and aka maggieorganizingchaos 2009 – 2018. All media and content protected by copyright. Please request permission for sharing on web pages, advertisements, or other purposes beyond linked-back, unmodified shares on social media. Respectfully link back to webpage url when sharing on your blog.


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