Are We An Algorithm Of Egos Struggling To See Ourselves?

They fight injustice from within, exploding healing hues of themselves in the face of inequality, oppression, or other dark energies... If we fail to look, then we simply churn into the mishmash, to be forgotten, not making a difference until our descendants awaken and forgive our ancestral injuries.


Kids and Money in Whole Life Evolution Without School

Living in the now in this way hurts no one. It is useful because it helps them as children (for such a short time!!) to do what they want to do, which is to play and interact over a game... to have fun. Childhood is for having fun. For playing. For learning to navigate personal autonomy and sovereignty. For practicing at real life. 

CHILDREN Must Come First In Marriage

In order to ebb and flow in life with continuous purpose and positive contribution, we must be given the chance to become ourselves from within the very origins of our birth so that we do not spend three to four decades back peddling against our passions and desires, trying to heal from our childhoods.

The First 10 Years of Whole Life Evolution Without School

I provided my son with mindful, responsive parenting as an infant and toddler, but the fine lines started to appear in early childhood when he was decided in what he wanted - whether it was the food he preferred or the toys and shows that interested him. I could tell because he displayed feelings of frustration if I didn't let him choose, if I didn't truly see and listen.

Kids Develop Healthy Discernment When Trusted With Reality

  After the most recent violence and hate in Charlottesville, VA, I expect the next thing I will read are people wringing their hands, asking how do we talk to our kids about this hate and violence? The inter webs are full of theories about false flags, government-for-hire violence as a distraction, and the more … Continue reading Kids Develop Healthy Discernment When Trusted With Reality

The Human Plow ~ by Elaine Gee (guest post)

Sometimes, the poet paints. This is a guest post created for my friend, upon my request that I be given permission to share. She humbly obliged, and I am most grateful. Published with permission from the author, pictured. The Human Plow all the yesterdays, I had, with a bowed head and meekness, I believed I … Continue reading The Human Plow ~ by Elaine Gee (guest post)

Remembering Zoya

The authenticity of his perspective and desire to help me focus my own healing is unforgettable. By presenting himself, raw and shattered, in every day seeking wholeness, I saw strength and hope. I suddenly no longer feared ever losing my own child, even though at the same time, the idea of losing my own child is unbearable, still. It is a paradox wrought by survival, and it is survival practiced as compassion that has no choice but to radiate outwardly to bring any coherence to the loss of a vibrant daughter.

Whole Life Learning, Partnership, and Divorce

I've experienced some lessons in going with the flow that have underscored my belief that what resists, persists, and that when we surrender to flow, we are like the leaf floating carelessly, poetically along the stream. Simple. Eloquent. Beautiful in our imperfections. Where else should that leaf be, but in that moment? I had more … Continue reading Whole Life Learning, Partnership, and Divorce

Free to Smash His Toys

(This post can also be found at Life Learning Magazine.) A whole life learner, Sean (age 8) has a penchant for drawing comical but outrageous faces. Sometimes they have tiny stick bodies and giant heads. The faces are crazy, and sometimes there is lots of blood, gore, guns, and stabbing knives. Some have crazy amounts … Continue reading Free to Smash His Toys