About Me

I am Maggie Simonsen, b.1964, a Human Being from Planet Earth, residing in the Big Horns of Wyoming. I embrace that connections are everything and pursue whole life learning/radical unschooling as a single mother in partnership with my son, b. 2007. I also embrace partnership with his two half-sisters in their own adulthood, along with their loved ones, having been their step mother for 18 years.

Life is learning, and learning is Life. The journey towards a more peaceful and compassionately-articulate society begins from within. ~Maggie, @ meaningful human

You can also find me on Facebook at meaningful human, on twitter at MaggieLove64, and also selling unique handmade, vintage, and thrift items on Facebook at MagPie & Cubbie, Simbi, and Etsy.

Copyright meaningful human by MagPie 2016, 2017. All media and content protected by copyright. Please request permission for sharing on web pages, advertisements, or other purposes beyond linked-back, unmodified shares on social media. Respectfully link back to webpage url when sharing on your blog.

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